Galileo est un porte manteau connecté indiquant les prévisions météorologiques .

Poussière de lumière est un concept developpé pour Orange Lab afin de donner confiance en l'utilisation des données .

This is the P-16, a connected diving mask that I invented for the IOT course in IDAS, Seoul. It is able to give you all the essential information you need to dive, directly on your mask.

Bunwigi, which means atmosphere in korean, is a small object that I created to adapt your mood. All your appartment, lights, music, will suite to your feelings thanks to a face and voice recognition.

Slacky was a group project during my bachelor year; I worked with 3 other students: Alexandre Gellard, Thibaut Gouno and Antoine Maurais. It is made for slackliners to transform a lonely game into a funny competition.